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How retailers fool us with discounts

All the dirty tricks, that retailers use, to make discounts feasible

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1 cent discount

Does a bright yellow price sticker promise a ยซSpecial Offerยป? Look for a dirty trick. If itโ€™s possible, have a look at the original price sticker, since it can differ from a new one just in several cents.

Recommended price

The recommended price is the amount a manufacturer states as preferable retail price.

If a price sticker shows discount from the recommended price, spend a couple of minutes to find out, what actual average market price for the product is.

Double markup price

It works as follows: during 1 โ€“ 3 months preceding the sales, the seller gradually increases product price to be able to give generous discount the X day with clear conscience.

You will either buy the product at its usual price, or you can even unwillingly give the seller a present of 30% extra.

One of Geektimes.ru users has studied pricing dynamics of 510,797 products, and has found out that quarter of discounts of the World's Global Shopping Festival is fake done through prior price increase.

Additional discount

Scientist have found out that overwhelming majority of people cannot add discounts correctly.

This is what the seller counts on stating the first price reduction of 20% followed by the other 25% discount. A buyer carelessly adds together 20 + 25 and concludes that he can buy a product with 45% discount. ยซOh, but this is almost 50%! Great benefit!ยป โ€” he thinks. But it is actually only 40% discount in the end.

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