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Our team noticed how much time and money people waste these days on useless things and how much it affects everyone's lives. It’s harder to save money and make financial plans for the future. Most of the time we can’t even say if it's a necessary buy or not. We put all our minds in this problem and found an accessible solution — this is how Moneon was made.

With Moneon you can effectively manage your finances, just record every purchase you do, categorize it, set budgets and you’ll always know where your money go. The whole picture of your cash flow will help you make certain steps to reduce spendings and spare some money.

More than 100 000 people use our app to control their finances. We really appreciate that and do everything to make this process as convenient as possible. Also our team always remember how important our users’ data privacy is, so Moneon is completely secure and never provides one’s info to the third parties.

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