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Promising professions with high salary

Whom to become for the sake of money?

Higher income today means you can get even more out of it over the course of several years. You may wonder which occupation to choose in order to maximize your disposable income. Here is a list of 5 professional fields that have a lot to offer in that context.

1. Information Technology (IT)

IT industry is growing faster than any other field. Everything around you nowadays is automated and computerized. IT specialists unofficially control a lot of business processes, even if the segment the company operates in has nothing to do with IT. An expert in this field can help the company generate higher profits and bring it up to the next level. And a lot of employees know this fact. Remuneration in this field, therefore, is higher than for the job market on average.

There are lots of choices for those looking for a high paying career in IT. Each niche has its own requirements and entry barriers. Should you become a highly trained professional in any of them, you are almost guaranteed to receive job offers, and not only in your own country. Always being sought-after and financially well-fixed, all while working remotely — this is what you get as a young IT specialist.

Not only IT specialists get higher salaries when it comes to high-tech industries. As a rule, an HR specialist will also be better off working in an IT company. Still in doubt? Check out any of the job hunting websites. Chances are, you'll be surprised with money an information technology specialist can make.

2. Finance

Money makes money. A career in the sphere of finance can be a good enough confirmation of this maxim. According to the Guardian, Wall Street specialist get on average $1.3 million per year. However, infamous American speculators are not the only ones to benefit from the financial markets. Being a professional in the sphere of finance will be just as good almost anywhere globally.

Also knowing a thing or two about the world of finance and being able to choose the most lucrative instruments will come in handy when allocating your salary and investing yourself, making your income even higher

Internal audit specialists, risk managers, managers, and traders have the highest chances of all financial specialists of squeezing the max out of the jobs.

3. Civil Aviation

Civil aviation, in general, can boast high enough wages. Pilots, just like top managers, are most likely to be exceptionally remunerated.

Not only those with a dream to fly aim for a pilot career. Those, who want to earn big, sometimes do the same. Responsibility and workload turn this job into a high-paying occupation. The amount of time you will have to spend actually doing your job will be considerably lower than for the rest of the professional fields in this list (bank clerks, programmers). However, it is quite hard to get into the sphere: high competition and limited market size make themselves felt. Strict requirements decrease the number of potential candidates even further.

4. Dentistry and Plastic Surgery

Health professionals can be remunerated very differently. It also cannot be said that medical workers, in general, can enjoy similar wages and working conditions all over the world: some can boast extremely high incomes, while the rest are left with the breadcrumbs. However, there are two professional roles within the medical field that can compete with the rest of the occupations in this list in terms of income. We are talking about plastic surgery and dentistry. It doesn’t matter whether you choose one of them out of concern that all people deserve being healthy and good-looking or just to make money — you will still earn a lot of money. An orthodontist and a dental prosthetist are the most promising careers in the dentistry field. Plastic surgeons all make pretty good money in general.

There is no surprise that there is more than one plastic surgeon in the list of the world’s richest health professionals.

5. Real Estate

The number of people that populate our planet is growing daily, and everyone wants to have a place to live. Real estate, in turn, is going up in price (though with periods of temporary declines). Estate agents, therefore, always have a chance to make a little bit extra. Specialists in the field of commercial property can enjoy even higher incomes, than on average.

You don’t have to be a top manager in a construction company in order to succeed in this field: architects, construction managers, real estate agents and even renovation specialists can claim solid returns. When it comes to real estate usually the bigger the community you are working in, the higher the earnings.


Please remember whatever the sphere you choose, strive to become a professional and dedicate yourself to the thing you do. Being responsible, advanced training, proficiency with new tools can motivate your company to remunerate yours with a higher salary.

Even if the sphere you’ve dedicated yourself to is doing good, it doesn’t mean you won’t have to work hard to succeed. The better the specialist, the higher his earnings 👍

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